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Traverse Image - A Colorado based production company with an outdoor focus specializing in crafting films for brands.

Our History

Founded 2015

A few years ago, a group of friends were headed on a roadtrip to the desert for a film shoot over several weeks. We were all burnt out from the corporate grind of projects that we were working on in the industry. Under the New Mexico stars, we sat around a bonfire, popped open some beers and chatted about a sustainable business venture that would let us practice our skills in non-fiction storytelling. We wanted to tell stories that didn’t suck and create meaningful experiences for people.

In July of 2015 that dream materialized when we founded Traverse Image, a production company with an outdoor focus specializing in creating stories for broadcast and brands. We made it our mission to create a process that respects the client and showcases the quality of our work. Ever since then, we’ve been delivering high quality documentary storytelling that we could be proud of, and creating captivating plotlines that deliver results for our clients.


We are driven by the ever-alluring ambition to create new opportunities. We define ourselves through the achievements of our work. That there is nothing you can not accomplish with hard work, sheer determination, and a good plan. Achievement comes with the understanding that you can not define success until you’ve learned how to fail. Share the scenes in the story of your journey. Passion is transparent. Create Fearlessly.

The Traverse Image Approach

Creating a production company had been an dream of mine for several years before I founded Traverse Image. I love documentary filmmaking and wanted to create a company that would craft quality stories in that same authentic, cinematic and character-driven style. Each day I continue to be excited to see this idea come to life as we work with our clients to create visually-stunning films.

Thomas Kolicko // Owner, Founder & Creative Director 


The primary goal of the company is to create well produced, high production value documentary films and show titles. We want to tell documentary stories using the same tools that fiction, narrative films are utilizing. Truth is always more captivating than fiction, it just takes more commitment and dedication to producing those stories. We have done this in the past and want to grow our production capabilities to further enhance the quality of our products. What we have learned from our roots in telling the stories of craft brewers, is that your product needs to stand for something.The long term vision is to create Traverse Image as an industry leader for documentary production that has established national recognition for the brand and a notable reputation with outdoor companies, networks and distributors.

Meet the Crew

Thomas Kolicko
Owner, Founder, Producer, Film Director

Thomas Kolicko

Owner, Founder, Producer & Director

Brendan ``Clint`` Harris
Director, and Cinematographer

Brendan ``Clint`` Harris

Director and Cinematographer

Stacey Fronek
Marketing and Project Coordinator

Stacey Fronek

Marketing and Project Coordinator


2015 | Traverse Image Work Reel

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